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Statistical Wonders about the Quran

Translated to English by Muhammad Rashad

Some Qur'anic researchers in recent years have made discoveries about the numerical order of Qur'anic verses and the statistical relationships between some of the words in this book that are very interesting. Here are some of them:

  1. A year is 365 days and the word "Yum" (meaning day in Arabic) is repeated exactly the same number in the Quran.(1)

  2. The word "Shahr" means month precisely it's mentioned 12 times in the Qur'an.(2)

  3. The daily prayer is five times and the word "Sala(singular صلى means praying; turning to God;to higher values)" is mentioned 5 times in the Quran.

  4. The words man(ragul) and woman(EMera'a) are mentioned equally 24 times in the Quran.(3)

  5. The number of times that the words angel and Satan is repeated equally is 68.

  6. If we add the derivatives of the two words above, both of the numbers will become 88.

  7. The two words the world and the hereafter each have been mentioned exactly 115 times in the Qur'an.

  8. The two words "intellect-mind" and "light" are repeated 49 times in equal proportions (referring to the role of reason in guidance).

  9. "Grateful-thankful" and "calamity" have come up 75 times in the Quran equally (referring to being grateful is relief from calamity i.e. using resources and blessings in higher values and good way which will obviously steer you away from calamity).

  10. Tongue and sermon each have been used 25 times (Pointing to the best use of language).

  11. Muhammad and Shari'ah 5 times (Prophet's relation with his teachings).

  12. The derivatives of the words Corrupt and Benefit are equal to 50 times.

  13. Spending (for good causes) and Satisfactions 73 times (way to mental comfort).

  14. Magic(Sehr) and sedition(Fitnah - Misleading) each 60 times.

  15. Zakat (voluntarily payment) and blessing (barakat) each 32 times(linking blessings and fertility and economic growth with voluntary tax payment).

  16. Derivatives of Patience (Sabr) and Hardship (Shadaead) each 114 times (equal to Quran chapters).

  17. The words dead (Moutha) and misleading (singular subject noun and plural of Daal) have been used 17 times.

Such harmony and precision couldn't have been produced by the Prophet in a society utterly ignorant 1400 years ago, except that it adds to meaningful numerical miracles of the Quran that are already many and to the quran being a revelation from God and add to its authenticity !

1- Yum (as definite article) 349 times ; and Yuman (a indefinite) 16 times total 365.

2- The month 10 times, month(Shahran)(indefinite) 2 times, (total 12).

3- Man(Ragul) 16 times; Ragulan(a man) 8 times, (24 times in total). Emra'a(lady) 11, Emra'ateka 2 times (your lady), Emra'atehe(his lady) 8 times, Emeratee(my lady) 3 times (total 24 times). Plurals not counted only single usage of man and woman whether definite or indefinite form.